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Main Dishes

00:REM: 1541 Pot Roast

Title by Maurice Randall
Recipe by Susan Sackett

00:REM: Basic Beef with Leeks & Carrots  by Judy McIntosh
00:REM: C=heese and MACROni  by Susan Sackett 
00:REM: Chicken Doodle! Croquettes  by Susan Sackett
00:REM: COBOLs  by Susan Sackett
00: REM: C=OMMODORE C=hili  by Judy McIntosh
00:REM: COMMODORE RareBIT  by Susan Sackett
00:REM: CUSTOM FORUM Chop Suey  by Steven Schumacher
00:REM: DOODLE DRAW Hamburger Noodle Casserole  by Joseph Vaughn 
00:REM: FORMATTED Eggs  by Alyssa McIntosh (age 6)
00:REM: FUNCTION Fish w/ Mushrooms  by Judy McIntosh
00:REM: geoCABLE Pasta  by Judy McIntosh 
00:REM: geosSHELLS  by Bridgette McIntosh
00:REM: HIRES Hainanese Chicken & Rice by Michelle Chan
00:REM: JIFFY-DOS Swedish Meat Balls  by Susan Sackett
00:REM: LAG-sagna  by Judy McIntosh
00:REM: Load Lamburgers  by Judy McIntosh
00:REM: RAM Riblets with Pineapple  by Judy McIntosh
00:REM: EMAIL SPAM & Eggs Pizza by Joseph Vaughn
00:REM: MEGA BYTE Meatloaf  by Judy McIntosh 
00:REM: Pizza BYTES  by Steven Schumacher
00:REM: PLUS 4 Burgers  by Chuck Grifor 
00:REM: RETURN Roast with Bar-B-Q-LINK Gravy  by Judy McIntosh
00:REM: SCROLL-SLAW Dogs  by Maurice Randall
00:REM: Spam ala Dorothy  by Susan Sackett
00:REM: TOOTLED KERMIT LEGS  Title by Joseph Vaughn/Recipe by Susan Sackett
00:REM: Walt's Insolent C=hili  by Walt Howe
00:REM: MESSAGE BOARD Pot Roast in Tomato Sauce with POSTED Pasta  by Hank Degenring
00:REM: BETA Beef Brisket in Beer  by Jane Berkowitz
00:REM: COM PORTobello Burgers with Aioli & Balsamic Glaze  by Jane Berkowitz



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