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00:REM: FORMAT Eggs 

by Alyssa McIntosh (age 6)

10: 2 eggs
20: milk
30: NO salt and pepper, cause I don't like it

40: READ: Break eggs; stick your thumbs in the shell to pull it apart.
50: READ: Put eggs in a bowl.
60: READ: Add the milk.
70: READ: Use a thing, you know, that thing that you stir the eggs with
- I think an egg whipper.
80: READ: Beat the eggs, put them in a frying pan, you have to
put butter in the pan, cause if you don't the eggs will stay in
the pan and you won't be able to get them out later.
90: READ: Cook them until they *grow* bigger, you have to scrap the eggs
around when they are in the pan so they cook faster.
100: READ: Then they are ready to eat.
110: REM: I cook these and they are real good.



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