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00:REM:No Carrier Cream Puffs

Ruth Smith

10: 2 ozs butter
20: 4 ozs flour
30: 1/2 pint water
40: 3 large eggs
50: Cream or Custard

60: READ: Grease flat tin.
70: READ: Boil water and butter
80: READ: Remove from stove and stir in the flour all at once and beat till smooth.
90: READ: Beat well over the fire and cook until it leaves the side of the saucepan.
100: READ: Allow to cool
110: READ: Whisk eggs well
120: READ: Beat into the cool mixture
130: READ: Put in smooth pieces on the prepared tin

140: READ: Bake in hot oven 1/2 hour or longer gradually decreasing heat.
150: READ: Do not open the oven door before they have been in for at least 10 minutes.
160: READ: When cool cut open near top.
170: READ Fill with whipped cream or custard.
180: READ: sprinkle icing sugar or melted chocolate over the top.
190: READ: Eat. Enjoy.

REM:  Notice that the recipe is so old that its pre metric which was 1966.



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