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00:REM: LOGON Lemon Filling by Judy McIntosh
00:REM: BAKlava   by Judy McIntosh
00:REM: COMPkin Pie Title   by Charles Grifor Recipe by Susan Sackett
00:REM:  C=ream Puffs   by Judy McIntosh

00:REM:No Carrier Custard/Cream Puffs

by Ruth Smith
00:REM: CTRL C=herry C=heese Bars   by Judy McIntosh
00:REM: DIGIPLAYER Sour C=ream Pie by Susan Sackett
00:REM: E-MAIL Éclairs   by Judy McIntosh
00:REM: FLOPPY Apple Turnovers by Judy McIntosh
00:REM HARD DRIVE Pie (partition after baking)   by Susan Sackett
00:REM: KEY-lime Pie by Judy McIntosh
00:REM: LINE FEED Graham Cracker Cream Pie   by Susan Sackett
00:REM: MATRIX (Lemon) Meringue Pie by Sue Cring
00:REM: PRINTER Pastry   by Susan Sackett
00:REM: ROM CHIP Pie by Susan Sackett
00:REM: Sally Schumacher's Hershey SpaceBar Torte   by Steven Schumacher
00:REM: VT-100 C=REAM PIE & Variations by Colin Guillas


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