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00:REM: Lt KERNEL Corn 

by Maurice Randall

10: Fresh Sweet corn still in the husk (Any quantity desired)
20: TYPE: Preparation

30: READ: Take a sharp knife and cut off the very end where the silk
is sticking out of the husk, leaving only green husk on the corn. 
40: READ: Do not peel back the husk at all, leave it intact along with the remainder of
the silk between the husk and the corn.
50: READ: Now, prepare your charcoal grill.
60: READ: Let the coals get good and hot (if possible use some hickory chips or any other
method that might make a little smoke. 

70: REM: The grills that have a lid work well

80: READ: With the rack about 3 inches from the hot coals, lay the
ears straight onto the rack. 
90: READ: Check on them from time to time. As the green husk begins to brown,
rotate each ear slightly.
100: READ: Deep doing this until the husks are about a medium to dark brown all the way

110: REM: You can't over cook them.

120: READ: When finished, it is time to peel the husks. Be careful,
the husks will be fairly easy to handle, but the corn inside is going to be real hot.
130: READ: Hold the ear upright, with one hand holding the base, cut from the stalk.
With the other hand, grab hold of the husk at the top and peel it down. 95 percent of the silk will be sticking to the husk instead of to the corn.

140: REM: This is much easier than peeling the silk prior to cooking.
The few pieces of silk that remain can easily be slid off the corn at this time.

150: READ: With the husk pulled down, you can either leave it like that
and use the husk to help hold the ear while eating, or you can break the whole bunch of it off the base at this time

160: REM: Do it quick before your hand gets warmed up too much.
170: REM: You are now ready to enjoy some of the best sweet corn you have ever eaten.
Just grab a bottle of squeeze butter and douse it liberally. Add a little bit of salt, if desired, and start eating.



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