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by Sharen Skorup

10: 1 bag marshmallows (not minis)
20: 20 chocolate bars
30: 20 graham crackers

40: READ: Cut graham crackers in half.
45: READ: Cut the chocolate bars in half.
50: READ: Put 1/2 of a bar of chocolate on 1/2 of the graham cracker.
55: READ: Carefully toast one marshmallow per smore over the gas stove.

60: REM: You can nuke them but they don't taste as good <G>
70: READ: When they are done put one marshmallow on top of the chocolate bar.
75: READ: Put the other half of the graham cracker on top.

80: REM: Makes 10
85: REM: ENJOY!!
*Editors note: THE favorite snack of ComCom



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