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VideoCam Services Commodore C64/128 Support Site
Gaelyne Gasson's Commodore Support




Maurice Randall's WAVE

Squeaky Sam's


Delphi Commodore Messages
Antigrav Toolkit (KeyDOS)
Computer Workshops, Inc.
The Computer Workshops Inc. software site, featuring consumer software, productivity titles and games.
Herne Data Systems (C128 CP/M)
PPe Online Shop
VideoCam Services Commodore Support Site
VideoCam Services Commodore C64/128 Support Site.
TargetD64 - emulator frontend
This site hosts TargetD64, an universal C64 archive related conversion tool and emulator frontend.
Funet Commodore Files (Finland)
Giga Commodore Files (Austria)
Operator Headgap Web BBS
Operator Headgap Commodore Web BBS - FREE support for Commodore 64 & 128 Computers! Online over 14 years! Updated Download Area & a huge information library, and an easy to use newsgroup selection message bases & online book store!
Project 64
Load of manuals for Commodore (all CBM machines) software and hardware.
Projecvt 64
Load of manuals for C64 software and hardware.
Projecvt 64
Load of manuals for Commodore (all CBM machines) software and hardware.
Sunsite Commodore Files (US mirror of Funet)
commodore zone
This site has not just emulators, but a huge list of downloads!
Computer Workshops, Inc. FTP Site
The Computer Workshops FTP site, with downloadable shareware editions of CWI titles and third-party shareware, freeware and .d64 images for emulators available.
FUNET Commodore Files
Main European FTP site.
Gangsta's Paradise
Scene Emporium
The FTP site for NTSC demos, scene magazines, tools, assembly source code, and more! Official Driven FTP site.
The Digital Dungeon
University of Waterloo (CAN) Commodore Files
CLiPS - the GEOS alternative
Everything about the new graphical Operating System for SuperCPU-equipped C64 computers
GEOS File List
The GEOS Page
Contains GEOS programmers information, screen shots, general information, and Bo's Project information.
C128 Infoseite
CP/M 3.0 on the commodore 128, list of commands and introduction. This is a page in german language. --- CP/M 3.0 auf dem C128: Eine Liste mit allen CP/M-Befehlen und weiterführende Informationen zu CP/M am C128.
CLiPS - The new graphical Operating System for your C64 with CMD SuperCPU
Here you can find information about the new graphical Operating System especially designed for CMD's SuperCPU.
JOS Multi-Tasking OS for SuperCPU
Real preemtive multi-tasking OS includes a GUI, TCP/IP and even a new 1541 disk format. Also a C compiler, 6502 cross assembler and othe tools.
Lossless Data Compression Program: Hybrid LZ77 RLE
Neural Network on a Commodore 64
The Fridge
Programming resource site containing source code for a wide variety of routines for Commodore 8-bit computers.
German Diskmags and english diskmags
Here can you download the actualest C64-Diskmags. :-)
The LOADSTAR Tower offers subscriptions, special collections, and lots of free downloads for C-64 and emulation.
Commodore Hacking
The official unofficial C=Hacking homepage.
Commodore Scene
The UK's premier & most consistent Commodore magazine.
GO64! is a C64 and C128 related papermagazine partially printed in color, mostly in black and white. GO64! is published monthly, each issue is accompanied by a disk.
C64 Game Guide
Containes info and screenshots from many, many C64 games. Also Info about programmers, gfx-artists, musicians and softwarehouses for C64. SID's, manuals, cheats, Q&A, Ad's and more.
Commodore Products Source List
Contains over 190 businesses, people and clubs that support the C64 and C128 computers. (The June 1999 update is almost ready.)
Commodore Wire
Geared towards the beginner. Features regularly updated C64 news, plus C64 emulators, hundreds of game cheats, links to THOUSANDS of games and more!
SidStation Homepage
Champaign-Urbana Commodore Users Group (IL)
Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club
Website for the Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club. Articles from newsletters are available, also news from Commodore resources.
Commodore-Apple Helpers of Long Beach (CA)
March 1999 will make it officially 15 years of Commodore service. We support VIC-20, 64, 264, and 128 series of Commodore computers. We support Apple II and Classic MAC also. We offer both meeting and mail memberships.
Computers West Users Group
Dayton Area Computer Users Group (OH)
Fresno Commodore User Group
Independant Computer Products Users Group (UK)
Knox Computer Club (IL)
Rochester Area Computer Users Group (MN)
Southern Districts Computer User Club Incorporated (S. Australia)
Stone Mountain Users Group. (GA)
The only Commodore 64 & 128 user group in CHICAGO! See our web site for more info! Our NEW mailing address is: SWRAP USER GROUP, INC. PO BOX 443 DOLTON IL 60419-0443
SWRAP User Group Home Page
South West Regional Assoc. of Programmers is Chicago\\\'s C-64 and C-128 user group since 1983! Check our web site! CHICAGO EXPO 1999! September 25, 1999 DAYS INN - Lansing Illinois
Washington Area Computer User Group (DC)



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