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Data Base Topics
  COmmodore Central   The place to look for general help files, tips, programs and everything and anything that doesn't fit other categories.
FAmily Album  
  A new category, (still building) this is for images, articles, poetry, anything that members want to share.
ONline Magazines  
  Commodore word processing programs and database programs, and uploaded text files.
"Graphic Environment Operating System" for the Commodore 64 and 128 computers - programs and files.
 Tecommunications Programs and files.
NEw Files   
This is the area to find any new files and programs that have been recently uploaded
Music (sid) files.
 Files and p/d games programs
Ascii and Clip art files
GRaphics (Hires)   
Graphics and Hires Files
MEmbers Classifieds   
First notice of items for sale among members
Files and utility programs such as data base managers
Programs and files for "Control Programs for Microcomputers" and programming.



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