xx This is YOUR Commodore Forum. It will be as good or as poor as you, the members, want it to be. It is, in effect, your creation. The data bases are filled with the files you upload, the forum is filled with your questions, reflections, comments, and general tom-foolery. We are here to try to answer your questions, amuse and bemuse, and in general have fun too.

We do not discriminate against any commie user-even if they own clones or are using emulators. Please remember, Commodore people remain Commodore people, even if on a different platform. After all, if you look at your C64 boot screen you will see that even PC's are the descendants of the Commodores. This is the Commodore Forum, grumpies need not apply.
"It's Fun In Here".

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Joseph "Joe" Vaughn: DataBase Manager:

"Hello! My name is drpepper1 (Joe), the Owner (Wizard) and Database Manager for Com Com. I've been a member of Com Com since we took over from the Maniac Sig. Our DB has an amazing selection of Commodore files...if there's something you want but can't find, please tell me and I'll see if I can help.
 Our Conferences are always fun, and you never know what we will talk about next; usually gets around to FOOD. (G) Now and then we even talk about Commodores. If you need any help, just yell."
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Susan Sackett: Editorial Manager:

"Hi, I'm ComCom's editorial manager. This means I'm responsible for the web-side portion of ComCom. If you have any questions, or suggestions, please let me know." :-)
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Sharen Skorup: Conference Manager:

"Hi, I'm Sharen and I keep the conferences organized (as much as possible) around this place. We're likely to chat informally about most anything here, and I try to schedule a "formal" conference on a regular basis.  If you know of a C= personality that would be an interesting guest, please let me know."
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Joan Kelly Assistant Manager: Message Board Censor

Joan has been "Commodore literate" for a long time and will share her SID arranging lore in Conferences on Friday evenings.
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Jean Knott
Assistant Manager: Morning Hostess

"Hi! Welcome to ComCom and Delphi. I don't use a Commodore, but if I can help you, I'll certainly try." Jean likes to crochet and she has 2 cats, one a transplant from Michigan. She has two snakes, Yaz and Fenway, boa constrictors.
When she's not with her favorite little guy, Matthew, you can find her here on Delphi, in the Commodore Forum conference area.
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Ruth Smith: Conferencer
Ruth is out Australian contingent. Her hours are strange (always a day ahead of the rest of us) but she does manage to chat often, probably because OUR hours are so weird. She recently visited Jean here in tPennsylvania then toured to Michigan and the ComCom get-together in Lansing.  She's now back in Sydney, recovering from the experience. 
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Paul Nyberg: Assistant Manager
Paul is another of the Michigan contingent.  Karaoke is a part time occupation...if you're in the Lansing area stop at Fredericks of Dimondale and have some fun. We did.
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  WELCOME From Karen Sterns: Assistant Manager
Karen is Sharen's twin...and a more recent member of ComCom. She is also owned by a cat, Mr. Jinx.
Karen Stearns
WELCOME From Gene Hawkins: Conferencer
Gene is from Tennessee, is a cat person (of course!) is knowledgeable about Commodore Computers and Bicycles.
Gene Hawkins
    Kim Hajek: Wizard's Brat

Kim Hajek


        Goodbye Wizard Chuck...


Charles "Chuck" Grifor, dreamer, teacher, writer, composer and friend, left us on Tuesday, May 9th, 2006. His music will live on, with his writing and humor, as well the legacy of love he left for his many friends and family. He made a huge impact on all who knew him; the emptiness in the heart where his presence was is missed and  will be felt for long. He was loved. It will always be so.

 Chuck's Website


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