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Throughout recorded history, many things have been observed which have no known, logical basis. Often, these things are referred to as magic or miracles. Every major religion, and many historical observations, have made it quite clear that these things do happen.

Often, these events occur at specific places, or specific times, which may be predicted in advance. People who are able to predict these events are said to be saying the sooth, or being claivoyant, or having oracular experinces.

In Western history, no single place is so significant in such predictions as the Temple of Athena, in Delphi. Often, the name of the temple is forgotten, and Delphi is used to refer to this place. Perhaps, it is that the very name, Delphi, is connected to these phenomena.

Historically, the name of Delphi is used only very rarely. In virtually every instance where that name is used, mystical or profoundly moving events have taken place - events for which no logical explanation can me made. Can it be that all of these usages are related?

In modern times, a data telecommunications service has been established in the village of Cambridge, in the province of Massachussetts, which has taken the name of Delphi to itself. Is this mere coincidence?

Were there mighty dieties on the face of the earth that interfaced with we mortals in these places called Delphi? Is this current Delphi another of these places of the gods?

We cannot presume to answer these questions definitively to the satisfaction of all. Skepticism is rampant in the modern world, and the proofs seen with one's own senses are often roughly set aside as illogical. All that can be done by this work, or any work, is to direct the reader to the evidence and allow him to determine whether he believes or disbelieves.

    Let us, then, examine the current implementation of Delphi.
  • - Delphi exists in a place called Cambridge.
  • - There is an oracle at Delphi.
  • - Many people are known to communicate there, yet they are not physically present at Delphi.
  • - Cambridge is an historical name, associated with the ancient Druids.
  • - Massachussetts begins with the Christian word Mass, and is often shortened simply to Mass.
  • - Beasts speak with mortals at Delphi. Clams, hornets, ducks, penguins, and other such beasts are known to frequent Delphi.
What does all this mean? It is for you to determine for yourself.

Let us look more specifically into this Delphi phenomenon. At Delphi, there is a place with the innocuous title of the Micro Artists Network for Interactive Computerists. By itself, this is meaningless, but when one looks and sees that it is normally referred to as MANIAC, some of the true meaning may be gleaned. Maniacs have, throughout history, been associated with strange and mystical happenings. They are even known as Lunatics, named for the Roman goddess Luna, goddess of the moon. The moon has always had a place in the mystic and magical events of history. Is it possible that this place is a modern version of a house of the goddess?

The only way to find out the answers to these questions is to put aside your fears, and step into this modern Delphi. In order to facilitate your experience, we have made a short glossary of some of the cryptic chants and spells observed in MANIAC. Go forth now, and make up your own mind. It is possible that the gods of the ancients are still among us!!

  • Bawstun -- Boston: A legendary village where clams are chowdered. Often referred to on MANIAC although the significance is unclear.
  • Bob -- Improper name: Bob is a generic name for people who frequent MANIAC. It appears to have some mystical qualities, since people refusing to use it often begin quacking like ducks or Oop Aacking like penguins.
  • BRB -- Be Right Back: An ancient exorcism rite performed mainly on Delphi conferences. As demons and ghouls appear to abound in such conferences, one should expect to encounter this rite often.
  • DDP -- Diet Doctor Pepper: A magical potion often referred to in MANIAC conferences. This potion seems to have something to do with sustaining the (Ellen) goddess.
  • Drunken Fuzzies -- (also Brandied): Fuzzies that have come under the influence of the Panterra. Drunken fuzzies are normally only found in his closet.
  • (E) -- (Ellen): Supreme diety of MANIAC. Frequently noted casting spells upon the unwary.
  • Fried -- A method of cooking: A disciple of the goddess (Ellen).
  • Fuzzies -- Fuzzies: Apparently some form of benign spirits inhabiting MANIAC. They appear to be familiars of the goddess (Ellen).
  • HowardG -- A duck: A disciple or familiar of the goddess (Ellen). Importance unknown.
  • KHF -- Kisses, Hugs and Fuzzies: A mystical chant often encountered on Delphi, particularly when in the presence of (Her). It is unclear the exact purpose of the chant, but, when invoked, leads to a compulsion to visit MANIAC conferences.
  • Little Rock -- A small stone: Obviously, the home world of the goddess (Ellen). It is from here that (Ellen) rules MANIAC. (Moi) -- Nickname: Often used by the goddess (Ellen) in referring to (Herself). Obviously, has mystical connotations.
  • OTF -- On The Floor: The normal position for people hanging out in MANIAC conferences. This position does, however, make typing slightly difficult.
  • Padded Cell -- Padded Cell: The main feature of MANIAC conferences. The padded cell appears to be the place where homage may be made and worship extended to the goddess (Ellen).
  • Retelle -- A Bob: A disciple of the goddess (Ellen).
  • Ricksterling -- Unknown: A disciple of the goddess (Ellen) frequently on extended journeys from MANIAC to convert the heathen.
  • Sanity -- Sanity: A state of mental disorder never found on MANIAC.


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