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Brownies From Outer Space

by Lawrence2000

10: (1) 6 oz bag pecans
20: 1 bag (any size) Toll House Chocolate chips
30: (1) 2-lb package of fruitcake mix
40: (1) 200ml bottle of RUM!

45: READ: add the rum to the fruitcake mix & marinate for a few days.

50: 1/2 tub of almond butter
60: 1 can almond paste filling
70: margarine or butter
80: 1 box brownie mix/double fudge 

85: READ: mix according to package directions: add water to the rum to make amount of liquid required.
90: REM: (1) 10 x 15" (non-stick ) cake pan

95: READ: Coat pan with enough butter so you can 'plant' the pecans.
100: READ: Arrange the pecans in a nice pattern
105: READ: The margarine holds the pecans in place so put the pan in the refrigerator and let this set.

110: REM: A wok is the best mixing bowl -it's easier to lick clean. 
120: READ: Now mix the brownie mix and the almond paste filling with the dry ingredients until well blended.
125: READ: Now add the fruitcake mixture and chocolate chips blending well.
130: READ: Pour mixture into the cake pan
135: READ: Bake at 350 until done (toothpick comes out dry)

140: REM: If you need to use a chisel to get the 'brownies out of the pan, you've overcooked them <G>

150: READ: Allow to cool barely to room temperature. 
155: READ: Cut into small pieces (you may need to freeze the extras)

160: REM: Refrigerated brownies should be given a 10- 20 second nuke in the microwave in order to make them soft and chewy.
170: REM: Frozen ones; defrost in the refrigerator for a day. 
175: REM: If you don't 'nuke' the brownies, they become 'DIET' brownies, because it takes forever to eat them <G> but they do last longer!

180: READ: Variation Number One 

190: READ: Substitute 500ml of Baileys Original Irish Cream for the rum
200: READ: Reduce the fruitcake mixture to 1 pound
210: READ: Add 1 small jar of cherries
220: READ: Marinate fruitcake mixture & cherries in Baileys for at least 5 days
230: READ: Substitute butterscotch chips for the chocolate chips.

240: READ: Variation Number Two 

250: READ: Substitute 400ml of Black Cherry Liqueur for rum
260: READ: Delete the fruitcake
270: READ: Add 1 large jar of cherries
280: READ: Substitute cherry filling/topping for the almond paste
290 READ: Marinate cherries in black cherry liqueur at least 5 days
300: READ: use the large size bag of chocolate chips
310: READ: Add 8 oz package of cream cheese after mixing the moist ingredients, blend in the cream cheese first
320: READ: Note: nuke the cream cheese for 10-20 seconds to make it real soft



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