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00:REM: 40 Column Cake in 16 Colors

by Susan Sackett

10: yolks of 8 eggs
20: 1 cup butter
30: 2 cups sugar
40: 4 cups flour
50: 1 cup milk
60: 1 teaspoon soda
70: 2 teaspoon cream of tartar
80: vanilla or lemon
90: red, green, & yellow food coloring.

100: READ: Cream the butter and sugar
105: READ: Add the eggs and blend well
110: READ: Sift together the dry ingredients
115: READ: Add vanilla to milk
120: READ: Add dry ingredients alternately with the milk, mixing thoroughly between each addition.
125: READ: Pour batter into 9x12 loaf pan
130: READ: Drip food coloring in random patterns on top of the batter.
135: READ: With a knife, swirl the batter enough to mix the colors in so they streak.
140: READ: Bake about 40 minutes at 350
150: REM: Frost with Emma's Backspace Marshmallow Frosting with color swirled through as you did the cake batter.



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