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00:REM: Internet Hermit's Soup 

by Bill Louden

10: REM: We all know Interment and Online enthusiasts spend hours
in front of their monitors waiting for pages to load,
or chatting to friends across the globe while often ignoring their family or friends
(if they have any) nearby.

20: REM: So, this soup is for those Hermits (or hermits to be). It is simple and quick,
you can prepare it in stages as Internet delays or most web pages load.

30 1 potato
40: 1 turnip
50: 1/2 small cabbage
60: 2 carrots
70: 1 onion
80: 1 small rock

90: READ: My rock of preference is Rose Granite, but any hard rock or gem can be used. 

100: REM: It is recommend that you do not use precious gems as it may impact your
future hermit status. Do not use soft rocks such as sandstone.
This item is not recommended for hermits under the age of three.

110: 3 tablespoons olive oil
120: 1/3 cup Rice
130: 2 quarts water
140: salt, pepper, thyme to taste.

150: READ: Wash and trim all the vegetables.
160: READ: Don't peel them.
170: READ: Cut and slice them into tiny pieces.

180: REM: Go back on-line to catch up your chat.
190: REM: After 15 minutes, return.

200: READ: Pour the oil into soup pot, add vegetables.
210: READ: Sauté them for a minute
220: READ: Add the rice and water.
230: READ: Stir well for 1 additional minute.
240: READ: Cover and cook over low heat for an hour.

250: REM: You may go back online during this but don't forget to set a
timer to remind you!

260: READ: Add the salt, pepper, and thyme to taste.
270: READ: Scrub, wash and damp dry the stone granite.
280: READ: Add into the bowl upon serving a garnish to remind you of your hermit status.
290: REM: Take the bowl back to your computer and Enjoy, you've made enough to last you a Week.



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