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00:REM: Chicken DOODLE Soup 

by Bill Louden

10: 2 cups Chicken Broth (or 2 cups water with 4 bouillon cubes)
20: 3 cups water
30: 1/2 pound Chicken 
40: 1 small turnip (Peel and dice into small cubes)
50: 2 stalks celery w/leaves Thinly sliced 
60: 1/2 cups carrots
70: 2 small Jalapenos
80: fresh basil
90: 1 clove Garlic, minced
100: 1 sprig fresh coriander .(or use 1 teaspoons. dried)
110: salt
120: fresh ground pepper
130: 1/4 cup beans or peas (frozen)

150: READ: Fry or microwave the chicken until done.
155: READ: Into the water, add the chicken broth cooked chicken, garlic, and turnip.
160: REM: If you are using cooked chicken parts legs, thighs, etc., put them in whole.
165: READ: Bring to a boil. Then turn down to Simmer.
170: READ: Add the celery, jalapeno, carrots, basil and coriander.
Salt and pepper to taste.
175: READ: Simmer for 20 minutes.
180: READ: Add Frozen peas, beans, add more water if needed.

185: REM: You may substitute 1/4 cup pasta in place
of the vegetable, at the 15 minute point.
190: READ: Simmer an additional 10 minutes.
195: READ: Serve with a sprig of Basil in the bowl.
200: REM: If that came across too complicated go with the flow.
210: REM: You can't screw up Doodle Chicken Soup as long as the
chicken "ain't" squawking.



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