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This book is presented by the marvelous customers and staff of the C=ommodore Computer Forum on Delphi, the first and still premier Internet Service. However, it must be noted, this book in no way is produced or financed, endorsed, or even approved of, by Delphi or its management or owners.
Charles Grifor, Wizard 
Other disclaimers:
We accept no responsibility for damage to your waistline, or it's becoming a waste land. Most of these recipe's have been tested by human beings, but no animal experiments were conducted. Genetic mutations occurred in less than 1% of the humans tested, no more than occurred when a placebo was used.
These are some of our favorite "goodies" culled from around the country, and a couple of other places as well.
This is not a diet book, not is it an exercise plan--rather it's a selection of toothsome yummies from some of the gang of zanies that are generally found  on line here after 10PM (EST) @ Delphi Forums 


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